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The Creative Founder of Happy Soul Adventures, a lover of life, love for people and the rich African culture, she has over seven (7) years experience in the travel industry. She is dedicated to curating original tailored experiences that mainly focus on connecting youwith the people of Botswana where she is based and as well as the rest of the African continent.


Africa isn't only safari, people need to visit Africa and connect with the real people. We don't want you to feel like a tourist, we want you to feel like a true local connecting with long lost friends.




Travel connects you with people, places and ignites your inner soul. If you are keen to learning and improving then travel is the best tool ever. Join us on an amazing Botswana adventure and get to meet real genuine people and live with them, learn their cultures and most importantly, connect with them. This is the future of true lifetyle travel!

Cycling Experiences


2 Hours - Choose either morning as the sunrises or evening for a great sundowner experience.

Meet The Locals


Tell us what you would like to experience and we make it happen!

Join Us for Karaoke on a Combi


2 Hours - A visit to a local bar and mingle with the local people.

Available Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 7pm - 9pm

Enjoy the beauty of Botswana  through its people!


Botswana is situated in Southern Africa and shares borders with South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. There are direct flights flying through Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa. Domestic flights are also available to fly you around the country and we also have safe bus services as well as the train. Allow us to create an amazing Botswana travel experience and feel the true local vibe! 

Treat someone special

to incredible

HSA experiences

Often times, we get very caught up in our daily lives, hectic day jobs, taking care of the family and we never have time to just sit still and enjoy life's little pleasures. Imagine having the time to explore that hobby that makes you whole again, something that just ignites your inner soul.  Allow yourself to love what you love, grow, mess up, and to change, even if the world around you resists it.


Imagine packing up your bags one weekend and come stay with us at our village cottage. Go horse riding in the morning, cycling around the village, learn how to milk a cow, cycle to the farm to lean how to plough or just come and relax with us and start working on your long pending blog or learn how to bake with us.

Travel is about being free and feel totally in control; allow us to host you in one of our experiences , meaning all you need to do is let your hair down and bring out your inner child to play.




We found out about Happy Soul Adventures on Facebook. We really enjoyed the bicycle ride, it had been a while since we took some time out and just enjoy the beautiful small moments just us two. We are definetely planning on coming back for a much longer ride.





Help Save a Small Business Campaign!



One of our main core values at Happy Soul Adventures is to support local communities that we are based in and ever since the COVID'19 disrupted our small businesses, we are now facing financial difficulties to sustain our businessses. We need your help to save our businesses! Please help by donating whatever little amount you can!  

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Cultivate your soul through travel!

Beautiful HSA experiences await you.


Connect with the locals through their unique cultural experiences. Learn how to cook local food, how to dance, how to sing, how to milk a cow, learn about traditional herbs, cycle in villages and stay with the locals in their beautiful simple homes.

Our Current Project


The Mogobane village experience. If you are looking for a weekend getaway experience in a village, then you need not look any further. Mogobane is only 25mins drive from the city and we have quite a number of experiences on offer.

Drop us an email at info@happysouladventures.agency for more details. 

Also, do check our www.blog.happysouladventures.agency 

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