Who We Are



The dynamics of travel have changed and thats a fact! Experiential tourism is a key component of modern day travel.


Happy Soul Adventures (HSA) gives you the opportunity to explore the travel space that truly speaks to your heart. We give our clients a chance to decide where they want to go, what they want to see, where they want to stay, what they want to eat and whom they want to interact with.


Stay with locals in their homesteads, go dancing and singing in local pubs with the locals, go cycling in villages, immerse yourself in their daily way of living and feel like a true local. Visit community projects, learn their crafts and support their local businesses.


At HSA, we support all the local communities that we interact with, by supporting their local businesses.

Travel connects people together and we want to make a lasting impact where we can and communities grow more when they work together as a collective!

Meet the Founder

Happy Soul Adventures (HSA) is an award-winning, female and black-owned business founded by Cynthia B. Mothelesi.

With over twelve years of experience in the tourism industry, Cynthia is based in Botswana but travels extensively and has lived abroad in both Malaysia and Melbourne, Australia. Having traveled primarily solo, her dream was to set up a travel company that could provide a safe, inclusive space for solo female travelers and the LGBTQ community of which she is a proud ally. While we know that travel is fun, safety plays a huge part in your travel decisions and when you book with HSA, your well-being and protection are their #1 priority.

HSA was formed in 2016 but started running full-time in 2017 after Cynthia quit her full-time job with the Botswana Tourism Organisation to follow her passion for travel. HSA won the 2023 WTM Africa Responsible Tourism Award under Best Meaningful Connections and the concept of this recognition continues to fuel Cynthia’s vision for the company.

Africa is known for its amazing safaris but little is known about its beautiful people. With that in mind, HSA’s goal is to feature the best of Africa through its communities and diverse culture. While they still recommend going on a safari in Africa, they also encourage you to make time (2-3 nights) to fully immerse yourself and connect with the locals.

Cynthia is an amazing storyteller and HSA's aim is to showcase the positive impact of tourism in African communities by allowing travelers the opportunity to learn from and engage with local people.

We don't just want you to travel with us, we want you to connect with the locals and feel like you are around long lost friends.

We want you to help us further develop our community projects from across Southern Africa and if you are keen, do emal us and we will send you a portfolio of all the projects that we are under our  portfolio. For us assistance is not only in money and also skills transfer plays a pivotal role in helping grow our communities. 


Should you be interested please do not hesitate to contact us!