The HSA Foundation

HSA is about connecting you with the locals and creating meaningful connections.

HSA is a award winning travel curation company based in Botswana and our main objective is to connect you with the locals and get a feel of what its like to live like a local.  We want to empower our local communities and position Indigenous Tourism as a worthy product.  

Africa has always been a safari destination and we at HSA want to diversify that narrative and give you an opportunity to come to Africa and immerse yourself in the local culture. Also, we wanted to build a model that would enable local communities to benefit from as well. You can book for a day experience or spend a night at some our local home stays.

However, Indigenous Tourism isn't for the faint at heart and one major aspect when selling it is in the packaging of the product. This product can sometimes be percieved as poor, primitive and dirty. And because we want to offer an authentic product, we have to ensure that our hosts are the locals who fully live it on a daily basis which would then guarantee value for money to our clients. However, if our community hosts are not trained well, everything can go wrong.

Therefore, it is important that there's a middle man in place who is experienced enough to package the product and also be able to educate the local communities on the product and its delivery models. The middle man has to have common shared values and respect for the communities so that they are able to communicate well together and be able to work as a team and we are able to offer value for money to our clients. 

HSA has been in business for the past six (6) years and our business model has always been geared towards selling Indigenous Tourism and also, while playing middle man between clients and the hosts (local communities), we have been able to identify the gaps and challenges that hinder this product from growing. And some of these challenges are;

- Product packaging and marketing

- Mindset change in rural communities

- Lack of continous mentoring programs in rural communities

- Not enough sustainable business models that could help them become more self reliant and less reliant on aid.

HSA has now seen the need to set up a foundation which will be geared towards addressing these above mentioned challenges. Your support would greatly be appreciated as our foundation is still at infancy stage because it is all self funded. However, we have already started doing the ground work with the little that we have and if you are keen to know more about our foundation please do contact us.  

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