2 Hours - Available throughout the year, weekdays and weekends (Groups, couples, family and individuals). The cycling experience is hosted in various villages (Mogobane, Otse, Manyana, Oodi). Pick a village of your choice and we will take you there.


Cycling ONLY - BWP 250 per person (Kids BWP 150)

Cycling & Picnic - BWP 650 per person (Kids BWP 350)


Spend the weekend in a local village, with the locals, at our village Guest House in Mogobane.


- Cycling in the village

- Horse Riding

- Learn how to milk a cow

- Learn how to prepare local foods

- Picnic experience by the village Dam

- Let's go fishing (catch and release)


Cycling - BWP 250 per person

Horse Riding - BWP 250 per person

Others - From BWP 150 per person

- Learn how to make and bake bread

- Learn how to play a music instrument

- Learn pottery, beading, knit, tapestry and weaving

- Learn how to braid her and how to make a traditional outfit


Accomodation ONLY (Inclusive of B/Fast):

Sharing - P500 per room

Non Sharing - P350 per room


Meet the Locals!



The amazing part of travel is when you get to connect with the locals and immerse yourself in their cultures and way of life.

- Live around the Bushmen tribe and learn about their traditional herbs that they have being using for ancient years.

- Immerse your soul in their traditional dance and rituals (the full moon dance festival)

- City tour experience

- Visit to local community projects run by the locals (pottery, weaving, tapestry and painting)

Available experiences

- The Bushmen full moon dance festival in August every year.

- Learn the cultural dance of the Mbukushu tribe, experiences available all year round.


* The experiences are tailor made to your needs and therefore prices vary.

Ever wonder where the locals hangout on week days? Well you need not look any further because we are ready to give you a taste of the local vibe on Tuesday and Wednesdays ONLY!



- Pick up and drop off from your place

- Book a table in advance for you and your friends

- Get a first round of drinks (Beer, Cider or Soda ONLY)



7pm - 9pm



P250 per person

How cool is it to wake up in the middle of nowhere with your bestie or partner, hear birds chirp in the morning or wake up next to the water and go for a stroll or even better, get a bike and go cycling while your breakfast is getting ready.

Or even better, imagine a movie night experience in the middle of nowhere, with the movie projected on the body of the caravan, you lying down on a sofa bed having some popcorns underneath the star...the stuff dreams are made of indeed!

Available experiences

- Caravan set up inclusive of activities and meals

- Caravan rental ONLY


* The experiences are tailor made to your needs and therefore prices vary. Send us an inquiry and we will send you a quote .


The Gaborone Dam is situated in the heart of the city but when you are there, you do not feel like you are in the city at all. As you enter the private property, you are welcomed by a beautiful small herd of Impalas, be sure to see some Warthogs running around freely, beautiful small baboons also there with their curious minds.

Fall the drive way, park your car and follow the road markings which will lead you to the most spectacular view of the Dam. Best sundowner view by far and wait to see the beautiful city skyline. What a marvel to experience!

Available experiences

- Cycling experience around the Dam

- Private events and no music allowed as we want you to enjoy the beautiful sounds of mother nature. The property is residence to small game and therefore, we also have to respect their right to peace and quiet.

- Various picnic spots available

- Champagne breakfast up a cliff to enjoy a full view of the dam.

- Accommodation available (Tents & Caravan experiences)

- Boat Cruise (Available soon)


* The experiences are tailor made to your needs and therefore prices vary.

Cultivate your soul through travel!

Beautiful HSA experiences await you.


Connect with the locals through their unique cultural experiences. Learn how to cook local food, how to dance, how to sing, how to milk a cow, learn about traditional herbs, cycle in villages and stay with the locals in their beautiful simple homes.

Our Current Project


The Mogobane village experience. If you are looking for a weekend getaway experience in a village, then you need not look any further. Mogobane is only 25mins drive from the city and we have quite a number of experiences on offer.

Drop us an email at info@happysouladventures.agency for more details. 

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