2 Hours - Available throughout the year, weekdays and weekends (Groups, couples, family and individuals). The cycling experience is hosted in Mogobane and Otse villages. Pick a village and we will take you there.


Cycling ONLY - BWP 150 per person (Kids BWP 100)

Cycling & Picnic - BWP 650 per person (Kids BWP 350) | BWP 950 per couple | BWP 1,250 (2 parents 1 child)


Because of the pandemic, we have closed our gueshouse in Mogobane and have since moved to Otse village. Spend the weekend in a local village, with the locals, at our lodge in Otse, Baratani lodge. 


Cycling in the village - BWP 150 Per Person 

Horse Riding BWP 250 Per Person

Pottery making - BWP 300 Per Person

Candle making - BWP 300 Per Person

Hiking experience - BWP 150 Per Person

Art LessonsBWP 300 Per Person 

Picnic experience - BWP 650 for two

Spa treatment - BWP 500 Per Person ( 1hr full body) | BWP 250 (30 mins half body) | BWP 250 Pedi | BWP 250 mani


Accomodation (excluding Breakfast):

Standard Room - P700 per room

Family Room - P900 per room


Meet the Locals!



The amazing part of travel is when you get to connect with the locals and immerse yourself in their cultures and way of life.

- Live around the Bushmen tribe and learn about their traditional herbs that they have being using for ancient years.

- Immerse your soul in their traditional dance and rituals (the full moon dance festival)

- City tour experience

- Visit to local community projects run by the locals (pottery, weaving, tapestry and painting)

Available experiences

- The Bushmen full moon dance festival in August every year.

- Learn the cultural dance of the Mbukushu tribe, experiences available all year round.


* The experiences are tailor made to your needs and therefore prices vary.

Ever wonder where the locals hangout on week days? Well you need not look any further because we are ready to give you a taste of the local vibe on Tuesday and Wednesdays ONLY!



- Pick up and drop off from your place

- Book a table in advance for you and your friends

- Get a first round of drinks (Beer, Cider or Soda ONLY)



7pm - 9pm



P250 per person

How cool is it to wake up in the middle of nowhere with your bestie or partner, hear birds chirp in the morning or wake up next to the water and go for a stroll or even better, get a bike and go cycling while your breakfast is getting ready.

Or even better, imagine a movie night experience in the middle of nowhere, with the movie projected on the body of the caravan, you lying down on a sofa bed having some popcorns underneath the star...the stuff dreams are made of indeed!

Available experiences

- Caravan set up inclusive of activities and meals

- Caravan rental ONLY


* The experiences are tailor made to your needs and therefore prices vary. Send us an inquiry and we will send you a quote .


If you are a true nature lover, then this experience is for you. All the services that we offer, you have the option of being hosted at our lodge in Otse village or we take you out to the bush and create a very comfortable and soul enricning experience for you. Imagine yourself being hosted for some art lessons, pottery lessons, spa treatment to mention but a few, underneath a beautiful shaded tree in our village. 

After each experience, we allow you to relax on your own and let your soul soak up all the beauty that is mother nature. 

Available experiences

- Village cycling experience 

- Private events and no music allowed as we want you to enjoy the beautiful sounds of mother nature. 

- Various picnic spots available

- Champagne breakfast in the wilderness.

- Accommodation available, Tents & Caravan experiences. (Only available on special request)


* The experiences are tailor made to your needs and therefore prices vary. Send us an inquiry and we wills send you a quote tailor made for you.