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The dynamics of travel have changed and thats a fact! Experiential tourism is a key component of modern day travel.


Happy Soul Adventures (HSA) gives you the opportunity to explore the travel space that truly speaks to your heart. We give our clients a chance to decide where they want to go, what they want to see, where they want to stay, what they want to eat and whom they want to interact with.


Stay with locals in their homesteads, go dancing and singing in local pubs with the locals, go cycling in villages, immerse yourself in their daily way of living and feel like a true local. Visit community projects, learn their crafts and support their local businesses.


At HSA, we support all the local communities that we interact with, by supporting their local businesses.

- Come  join us at our watering hole in Mogobane village and meet the owner of Majuta General Dealer. Every time we go there, we spend money in her general dealer as a way of supporting her local business.


She not only makes money from us but she also gets to meet new people everyday from outside her village who may have not necessarily known of her business had she not collaborated with us. Travel connects people together!


We want to make a lasting impact where we can and communities grow more when they work together as a collective!

Our experiences are country wide and our aim is to work with as many communities as we can and we are currently working on expanding our collaborations and we hope you will enage us more because when you book with us, know that some local communities get to benefit from the money that you spend with us.


For further information please check our website and social media channels below.


Website: www.happysouladventures.agency

Instagram: www.instagram.com/happysouladventures

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Happy-Soul-Adventures-282120248965770

Twitter: www.twitter.com/happysouladven1

Blog: www.blog.happysouladventures.agency


For assistance and bookings contact us on info@happysouladventures.agency or call or Whatsapp Cynthia Botshelo Mothelesi on +267 71891937

Mmamontle - Our Local Corner

In November 2018, we launched our local corner store which was aimed at supporting the local entrepreneur. The store is owned and run by Cynthia Mothelesi, who also owns and manages HSA.

- Offer them shelf space on a monthly rental basis

- Sell their products at their own retail price

- Look for more business opportunities for them and also build a robust online presence to help boost product sales.

- 80% of the products listed in the store are locally produced and owned by local entrepreneurs.

- HSA has been supporting the store by ensuring their all of their clients know about the store and come and support by buying some of the products available.


For further information please check our social media channels below.

Website: (Launching Soon!)

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mmamontle

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mmamontle


For assistance and bookings contact us on inquiries@mmamontle.com or call or Whatsapp Cynthia on

+267 71891937

We don't just want you to travel with us, we want you to connect with the locals and feel like you are around long lost friends.

Cultivate your soul through travel!

Beautiful HSA experiences await you.


Connect with the locals through their unique cultural experiences. Learn how to cook local food, how to dance, how to sing, how to milk a cow, learn about traditional herbs, cycle in villages and stay with the locals in their beautiful simple homes.

Our Current Project


The Mogobane village experience. If you are looking for a weekend getaway experience in a village, then you need not look any further. Mogobane is only 25mins drive from the city and we have quite a number of experiences on offer.

Drop us an email at info@happysouladventures.agency for more details. 

Also, do check our www.blog.happysouladventures.agency 

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