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Our favourite local events in 2019 to look out for

May 2019 Khawa Dune Challenge

The annual quad bike event deep in the Kalahari Desert. Expect a long drive from the city to the village, about 700km with stop overs for refreshments and appreciate the beauty of the Kalahari Desert and its friendly people.


Service & activities we offer:

- Sthuttle services to the venue

- Tented & caravan camping

- Zobbing

- Sand surfing

- Quad biking


* Price vary, send us a request for quote

June 2019  The Toyota 1000 Desert Race

The annual 4x4 car rally, whichhas been a part of Botswana since the the early 80's and still ongoing. The race attracts over 20,000 spectators every year and the competitors vary from 4x4 cars (Toyota, Ford, Nissan to mention but a few), quad bike, motor bikes and sandmasters. The race starts on a Friday with the prelog (pre qualifying race) and ends on a Sunday where they get to complete the entire 1000km course which spans for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday). If you are a car racing junkie, then this is the event for you.

In 2019, the race is moving to a totally different terrain in Selibe phikwe, still a desert but not much sand like in the deep end of the Kalahari Desert. We would like to host you on this amazing experience and make sure you have enough time to also explore the amazing places in the area, visit to the most amazing water falls in the country at the Goo-Moremi Gorge, visit to historical places in Palapye.


The best way to truly enjoy this event is to go by train with a group of friends and either stay in tents or take up a caravan!


Service & activities we offer:

- Train ride & shuttle services

- Tented & caravan camping

- Cycling experience

- Picnic sundowner experience at the Dam

- Quad biking


* Price vary, send us a request for quote.

July 2019 Makgadikgadi Epic

The annual sky dive event which starts from Friday until Monday. Such a beautiful event to experience and watch skydivers in their colourful parachutes add colour to the clear blue skies of the Makgadikgadi Pans. If you are brave enough, you can sign up and join in the fun while strapped to a professional sky diver.

If you don't want to sky dive, you can go for quad bikes, cycling or just get yur camp chair and listen to live music with friends and dance the day away with a cold beer in hand.


If you are looking for some quite time, you can go on a boat cruise and go bird watching, the Pans are a haven for flamingos and you won't miss them. Just make sure you bring a pair of binoculars!


The best way to truly enjoy this event is to go by train with a group of friends and either stay in tents or take up a caravan!


Service & activities we offer:

- Train ride & shuttle services

- Tented & caravan camping

- Cycling experience in the pans

- Picnic sundowner experience

- Yoga in the pans

- Boat cruise in the pans

- Walk in the pans

- Quad biking in the pans


* Price vary, send us a request for quote.


August 2019 Kuru Dance Festival

The Kuru Dance Festival is an annual get together celebration of the san tribe in the Ghanzi region which forms part of the Kalahari Desert. The festival is about the rich culture of the San tribe and they get to share their rich cultural heritage of storytelling, song and dance under the full moon.


Different dances are performed to tell the life story of the San people. There are hunting and gathering dances, rite of passage, puberty and courtship dances and, of course, trance healing dances. Hunting dances are dramatic renditions of the hunt – from spoor recognition to the ultimately slaughtering the animal. They celebrate a successful hunt and pay reverent respect to Mother Nature.


Rites of passage dances welcome a young woman into adulthood and marriage. A young woman experiencing puberty for the first time is said to be suffering from the ‘eland illness’ and is secluded. The eland symbolises femininity, fertility and good health. In her seclusion the young woman is ritually painted in red ochre, wood ash and charcoal, all mixed together with animal fat and plant pigments. Puberty dances are demure, coquettish and playfully seductive. Males taking part in the dances enact the mating behaviour of eland bulls by sniffing the female folk, grimacing in mock ‘Flehman display’ and emulating the mounting action of bull animals.


Khoi-San healers or shamans are spiritual custodians for the community who intervene with the ancestral spirits and other venerated forms on the community’s behalf. They intercede with all of creation to heal the community, to request good weather and successful hunting trips or to foretell future events. They perform trance healing rituals to propitiate the ancestors. Even though performances of healing dances may be done during the day, a real healing ceremony is conducted at night. Night time is the mythical part of the day when the universe vibrates with sacred energy.


If you want to experience an event in its pure form, then this is the event for you. The area has amazing pans and we can stop over for a beautiful sundowner experience.


Service & activities we offer:

- Shuttle services to the event venue, which is about 500km from the city.

- Tented & caravan camping

- Village tour (meet the local people)


* Price vary, send us a request for quote.

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